Committees & Working Groups

At its meetings in Sao Paolo, Brasil, on 7-8 October 2004 and in Beijing, China, on 9-10 June 2005, the UCLG Executive Bureau agreed to establish Committees and Working Groups. During the 3rd UCLG World Congress in Mexico in November 2010, the mandate of the Committees and Working Groups was renewed. A list of recommended review was adopted by UCLG Executive Bureau, 26-27 April 2010, Chicago, USA.

The Committees prepare and implement policies within priority areas, as defined by the Executive Bureau and the work programme for the current period. Each Committee can establish one or more Working Groups.

The Working Groups develop proposals and/or cooperation initiatives between local governments and their associations in order to enrich the discussions within UCLG. The Operation of the UCLG Committees and Working Groups sets out their terms of reference. Their mandate is for three years, until the next UCLG Congress in 2016.

If you want to participate to the works of a Committee or a Working Group, please download the registration form at the bottom of this page.


Decentralization and Local Self-Government

The Committee on Decentralization and Local Self-Government is part of the working structure of the United Cities and Local Governments - UCLG, and it´s made up of local and regional governments and municipal associations around the world. The Government of the Province of Barcelona has chaired the Committee since 2007 working with the World Organization in order to strengthen the processes of decentralization and local self-government in every region of the world, and to achieve more efficient and close local governments.

Chair: Mercè Conesa, President of the Province of Barcelona

Contact: Ana Tapia, Directorate of International Relation of the Barcelona Province.

Tel: +34 934049006 I

Local Finance and Development

There is no decentralization process without local government financial autonomy. In the same time, local governments can not contribute effectively to the achievement of the Millennium goals without accessing or developing additional financial resources. Within this context, the UCLG Local Finance Committee, aims at advising the UCLG members on matters related to municipal finance and resource mobilization.

Chair: Mohamed Sadiki, Mayor of Rabat, Morocco 

Contact: Nathalie Le Denmat
Tel: +34 93 342 8750


The Committee on culture of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) is the global platform of cities, organizations and networks to learn, to cooperate and to launch policies and programmes on the role of culture in sustainable development. The mission of the Committee on culture of UCLG is "to promote culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development through the international dissemination and the local implementation of Agenda 21 for culture".

Co-Chairs: Angel Mahler, Minister of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and Eduardo Vàzquez, Secretary of Culture, City of Mexico.

Vice-Presidents: Angers; Barcelona; Belo Horizonte; Bilbao; Bogotá; Province of Jeju; Paris and Porto Alegre.

Contact: Jordi Pascual

Tel: +34 93 342 87 56

Development Cooperation and City Diplomacy

The Committee on Development Cooperation and City Diplomacy of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) was created in November 2010, being the result of the merger of two previously existing committees: the Decentralized Cooperation Committee and the Committee on City Diplomacy, Peace building and Human Rights. The Committee on Development Cooperation and City Diplomacy is a Committee which proposes and develops policies and gives advice to the World Organization on issues related to local government, international development cooperation and city diplomacy. 

Chair: Roger Anderson, Chair Durham Region, Chair of FCM Standing Committee on International Relations 

Vice-Chair: Ton Rombouts, Mayor of ’s-Hertogenbosch, Chair of the international committee of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) 

Vice-Chair: (to be determined)

Secretariat based with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)

Contact: Elena Pierce

Social Inclusion, Participative Democracy and Human Rights (CISDP)

The Committee aims to contribute to articulating a common voice for cities in UCLG on social inclusion, participatory democracy and human rights, and to advise local governments on the design of these policies. To that end, the Committee fosters political debate, exchange of experiences and the collective setting-up of new knowledge in order to establish guidelines for designing and implementing innovative local policies on social inclusion, participatory democracy and human rights.

Dr. Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, Head of Government of Mexico City (Mexico)
Patrick Braouezec, President of the Urban Community of Plaine Commune (France), in charge of  the coordination of the presidency with the Executive Secretariat.
Dr. Jang- hyun YOON, Mayor of Gwangju (South Korea)
Mr. Abdel Sadi, Vice-President for International relations of the Council of Seine-Saint-Denis (France)

ContactMagali Fricaudet

Tel: + 34 93 342 87 70

Mediterranean Interregional Committee

The Mediterranean Interregional Committee is an inter-regional commission at the crossroads of three regional sub-sections: Europe, Africa and the Middle East/West Asia. An institutional consensus-seeking platform promoting decentralized cooperation and engaging in dialogue with national, European and international institutions.

Co-Chair: Michel Vauzelle, President of the Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Co-Chair: Jean-Claude Gaudin, Mayor of Marseille, France

Contact: Laurence Griette
Tel:  +33 4 69 66 36 80

Urban Health

With the ongoing development of urbanization, it is primordial to define a healthy environment and living for each citizens. This goes through meeting basic needs, improving the quality of life and offering more accessibility to services. UCLG Committee for Urban Health aims to provide the opportunity for local governments to exchange about their experiences and good practices, to sensitize authorities on current issues and to help them making healthy policies. The committee is a good platform to make your voice heard by a wide and efficient network.

Chair: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey , Dr. Kadir Topbaş (Political Representative – Mr. Tansel Kaya, Councilor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality)

Contact: Salim Korkmaz

Tel : 0090 212 369 4343


Peripheral Cities

The UCLG Committee on Peripheral Cities aims to facilitate the exchange of experience and practices, and develop a common approach by peripheral cities. The Committee brings together the members of the worldwide network ’Cities in the periphery & participatory democracy’. It shows the need for recognition of the social and political situations of peripheral cities within their conurbations and within the world of cities.


Chair: Patrick Jarry, Mayor of Nanterre, France

Contact: Djamel Sandid, Relations et Coopérations avec le monde. Nanterre, France.
Tel: +33147295902 / +33619437682

Urban Mobility

The Committee on Urban Mobility aims to create a place where local governments can present their good practices and problems and where initiatives can be taken to support local governments.  Other objectives are to get recognition from national governments and international governmental institutions for the role of local governments in urban mobility and to promote the role of local governments in all aspects of urban mobility.


Chair: Wolfgang Schuster, Mayor of Stuttgart, Germany

Contact: Wofgang Forderer

Tel: +49 (0) 711 / 216 - 17 88
Fax: +49 (0) 711 / 216 - 61 05

Digital and Knowledge-Based Cities

The Committee of Digital and Knowledge-based Cities (CDC) of UCLG aims to create an efficient network of cooperation integrated by Local Authorities to take advantage of the opportunities that the new information and communication technologies (ICT), innovation and knowledge bring, and to share, assimilate and adapt them to local needs, and create new opportunities for all the cities and municipalities.

Chair: Juan María Aburto, Mayor of Bilbao, Spain

Contact: Ricardo Barkala, Deputy Mayor of Bilbao, Spain
Tel: +34 94 420 31 21

Urban Strategic Planning

Urban Development is the key responsibility of local governments and has to respond to trends and dynamics of high complexity. The fight against poverty, improving the quality of life, management of urban growth and administrative reforms are constant challenges for urban development. Within this context, the UCLG Committee on Strategic Urban Planning, co-chaired by Cllr. James Nxumalo, Mayor of Durban - eThekwini and Jose Fortunati, Mayor of Porto Alegre, aims at promoting worldwide experiences related to strategic planning and urban development. 

Co-Chair: Cllr. James Nxumalo, Mayor of Durban-eThekwini, South Africa 

Co -Chair: Jose Fortunati, Mayor of Porto Alegre, Brazil

Contact: Puvendra Akkiah, eThekwnini Municipality's IDP Manager,
Maria Regina Rau de Souza,   Department of city planning, Porto Alegre Municipality

Working Groups

Capacity and Institution Building (CIB)

One of the main objectives of this group is to exchange experiences and to professionalize and enhance the work amongst Local Government Associations and individual local governments. An information sharing platform improves the work of LGAs and individual local governments active in the field of Association Capacity Building (ACB) and Municipal International Cooperation (MIC).

This Working Group is related to the Committee on Decentralized Cooperation.

Technical ChairPeter Knip, Director of VNG International (Netherlands) 

Contact: Renske Steenbergen
Tel: +34 +31 70 373 87 07

Intermediary Cities

Intermediary cities are cities that create bridges to connect important rural and urban areas, and represent, for the rural population, an opportunity to access basic facilities. Governments, especially local and regional governments, should come together to address the shortcomings and needs in urban planning through a greater understanding of the challenges and the perspectives of local governments. For that reason, UCLG has incorporated intermediary cities into its agenda creating the Working Group on Intermediary Cities.


Chair: Mohamed Sefiani, Mayor of Chefchauen 


Firdaous Oussidhoum

Josep Maria Llop Torné

Sara Hoeflich
Tel: +34 93 342 8775

Migration and Co-development

Develop a draft paper on the value and the role of municipal associations and local governments in migrations and co-development for the Decentralized Cooperation Committee; Promotion of the debate and reflection scenarios on links between migration and development.

This Working Group is related to the Committee on Decentralised Cooperation.

Chair: Meritxell Budó, Mayor of la Garriga (Spain), Chair of the Catalan Cooperation Fund

Contact: Silvia Ayala 
Tel: +34 93 412 2602

Responsible Tourism and Sustainable Development

Promoting a tourism that, besides offering the traveler cultural, natural, and recreational attractions, constitutes a responsible mechanism that promotes local communities′ economic and social development.

This Working Group is related to the Committee on Decentralised Cooperation.

ChairRolando Rodrigo Zapata Bello, Governor of the State of Yucatan (Mexico) 

Contact: William Pérez, Head of Office of International Affairs
Tel: +52 999 944 11 35

Local Economic Development

Working Group aiming to reinforce cooperation between local governments in different regions of the world and participate actively in achieving full recognition of the role of local governments in the worldwide debate on new development models.

Presidency: Francisco Toajas Mellado, Mayor of Cabezas de San Juan 

Vice Presidency: Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)


Felipe Llamas

Jacques Carrière

Local governments and Cooperation in Middle-East

A place for discussion and dialogue that favours cooperation, exchange and opportunity sharing among members to strengthen and expand the involvement of local governments in the situation in the Middle-East.

Chair: Andrea Ferrari, Deputy for Peace, Cooperation, Environment, Tourism of the City of Lodi (Italy), President of the Italian coordination of local authorities for peace and human rights.

Contact: Simoné Giovetti, In charge of Middle-East Mission/Armenia and Caucasus/ South-East Europe Responsable groupe Crises et Réhabilitation Cités Unies France

Tel. 01 53 41 81 87
Fax. 01 53 41 81 41
Email. :


UCLG Taskforce for prevention and territorial management of crisis

International disaster response efforts often lack a local governance dimension addressing specific needs of local governments. Members of United Cities and Local Governments have historically launched solidarity missions to crisis areas. They are convinced that this area of work should be developed under UCLG flag and in cooperation with strategic international partners. In order to improve the position and the action of local governments in the face of disaster and those dealing with the consequences of disaster, it has been proposed that a Taskforce On local government disaster response is to be created under DCCD (Development Cooperation and City Diplomacy Committee).


Chair: City of Geneva (Switzerland)

Contact: Simoné Giovetti, In charge of Middle-East Mission/Armenia and Caucasus/ South-East Europe Responsable groupe Crises et Réhabilitation Cités Unies France

Tel. 01 53 41 81 87
Fax. 01 53 41 81 41
Email. :

Urban Innovation Community

To promote the innovation and learning agenda of UCLG, the Executive Bureau, during its meeting in Liverpool in June, decided on the establishment of a Community of Practice on Urban Innovation. The Community serves to enhance international exchange and cooperation in urban innovation, facilitate relevant research and development, provide suggestions for policy and decision-making, and ensure the continued involvement of the Award’s finalists in the future work of UCLG. 

President: Mr. Wen Guohui, Mayor of Guangzhou, Co-President of UCLG; Co-President of Metropolis


Mr. Liu Baochun - Secretary General of the Urban Innovation Community 
Tel +86 20 6628 9383+86 20 6628 9074
Fax +86 20 6628 9391